new prosumer Canon n°2 after Sony or Fuji

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Re: new prosumer Canon n°2 after Sony or Fuji

Mike Hunt wrote:

YvesR wrote:

I was at the Canon USA service store in Irvine today and overheard
the technician there mentionning that he was looking forward to the
new 1D (?) 20 megapixel (huh?) coming out soon to the photographer
he was talking to... I was silly enough not to inquire further (he
was very busy), but does anyone know more about this?

Your question will be lost in this thread. Post it again as a new

Thats a good idea. I am really interested in what canon is going to do next. All I can afford is an a70 right now (though with what I have spent on lenses, unnesasary cf cards, and the camera I could have probably got a g5). I am hoping to see dslr prces drop. A more advanced model would shurlly cause the lower models/discontinued/used to drop in price). It won't be soon, but I would love a dslr (I think I will have outgrown my a70 by then but would probably keep it for a small camera and just sell the lenses).

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