5D3 Cold Weather Performance

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Re: 5D3 Cold Weather Performance

Hi, This past weekend was my first real experience with adverse cold. ( air temp 30f with wind chill down to 19f) Not as cold as what's described in this thread but when the wind blew...ouch. Camera was on a tripod in the cold for up to 30 minutes taking long 20-30 sec exposes, Sunrise, blue hour at Big Bear Lake, CA. (ISO 100, f8 20-30sec RAW) Be aware that I have "long exposure" noise reduction turned "off" in the camera 5D MK II.

When I got images back on my computer I noticed a difference in the "noise structure", harsher, rougher around the edges looked a lot like reticulated "film grain". I kept my vehicle relatively cold to prevent the jarring effect of in and out of the truck and it seemed to keep condensation down.

I'm trying to find an answer for this difference and point to the cold sensor.

I've taken many long exposures before in "normal" weather and not noticed anything similar.

Has anyone experienced or heard of a sensor/ temperature related change like this?

Please advise


Vic Iorillo

Vic Iorillo Photography

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