GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: GR III coming in 2017?

- eliminate the dust problem.

I do not think it is possible to "eliminate" the dust issue on a fixed lens camera with a self retracting lens. One can develop some technology to make it LESS of an issue but not prevent it completely

the GR and GR II do have a dust problem, it is actually THE problem with the GR, everybody complains about that.

No, not everybody . Just lots of people. enough for the issue to be considered real. I am not disputing this is an issue ( although It took me two years to get this issue on MY GR and I have not got this issue on my GRII after two years also

this problem needs to be eliminated (as in: not more common as in any other camera with a retracting lens).

ok how do you think this can be achieved . do you know ANY camera with large sensor and self retracting lens that you know does NOT have this issue AT ALL ?

i think you don't get me here. it's not about 100% safety from any dust ever on the sensor, but it's about getting the number of cases down to what other cameras encounter. there are way too much cases with the GR, and everybody complains about that (not everybody has it, but everybody knows it and rightfully complains about it).

much more often in GR than in comparable cameras, this 'much more often' is the problem i (and everybody) is talking about. and this 'much more often' is the problem that really needs to be elimanted.

- ISO performance!! by at least 2 stops. this would be the biggest improvement, and i'll buy the new one immediatly, if it can achieve this!

I Think this is not a reasonable expectation. In any case the sensor is already known it will be the sony 24MP sensor . So there should be already reviews on the net about how the 24mp sensor performs compared to the 16MP noisewise

the new nikon D7200 does have 2 stops better iso performance - i would love to have that in the GR!
if you have reliable information about which sensor actually will be in use, please tell us

Well it is almost certain that the sensor in the next GR will be the 24MP sony sensor which has been on many models on the last 2 years. You should be able to find some noise comparison between these two sensors, do you agree ?

while it would be no surprise to anyone if ricoh uses that proven sensor, this fact doesn't omit the possibility that ricoh puts the next generation of sensors into a new GR. 2 years old is a long time in the digital market. ricoh did act conservative in some choices of hardware, but nevertheless, sensors with 2 stops more ISO sensitivity not only do exist right now, but even are in consumer products since nearly 2 years already, so in a way time is due that the GR adapts the technically possible, being a flagship model of it's niche. many users would highly benfit from that.

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