GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: GR III coming in 2017?

adopting the m-mount would be an obvious choice,

why? if Ricoh ever develops an interchangeable lens camera using a manual focus mount would be a terrible choice

because it allows small lenses. fuji x-mount or sony e mount would be good options too.

I do not agree with that. I think it should be AF mount and there is no reason to think they would not use a version of the K mount since they own Pentax now

It was all going so well.  I was agreeing with both of you until that last statement of yours Harold.  A straight K mount would be a disaster.  That would be fine if the camera was a Pentax with the mirror removed, and I expect we will see mirrorless Pentax DSLR-style cameras soon.  But we're talking Ricoh GR style here and it must (I hope) have a short enough register distance to allow LM lens.  Unless you mean a mount plus smart adapter for K lenses?  Anyhow, a bit off topic now

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