GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: GR III coming in 2017?
As mentioned in a previous post , here are the comments I had on your post

thank you for taking the time!

- eliminate the dust problem.

I do not think it is possible to "eliminate" the dust issue on a fixed lens camera with a self retracting lens. One can develop some technology to make it LESS of an issue but not prevent it completely

the GR and GR II do have a dust problem, it is actually THE problem with the GR, everybody complains about that. this problem needs to be eliminated (as in: not more common as in any other camera with a retracting lens).

- ISO performance!! by at least 2 stops. this would be the biggest improvement, and i'll buy the new one immediatly, if it can achieve this!

I Think this is not a reasonable expectation. In any case the sensor is already known it will be the sony 24MP sensor . So there should be already reviews on the net about how the 24mp sensor performs compared to the 16MP noisewise

the new nikon D7200 does have 2 stops better iso performance - i would love to have that in the GR!
if you have reliable information about which sensor actually will be in use, please tell us

- really usable smartphone implementation.

Not sure what it means. Hope you do not refer to the GR user interface

the interface of the camera itself is superb, but the current smartphone implementation with the GR II is horrid, mostly because it looses connection all the time, and denies to reconnect reliably. a great, working implementation would be highly benefitial for some uses, and is something that is expected by customers in 2017.

- possibility to tilt the flash back (upwards), for bouncing against the ceiling. a simple, but very valuable feature.

I think this show the clear divide between GR users who use the flash regularly and those who do not ( this comes every time the built in evf question comes in)

flash or EVF is an obvious question, sure. all GRD models had a flash, therefore i assume it stays.
regarding the tilt-back feature in the current one it would have been very easy to realize that, and incredibly helpful to anyone using it indoors on people standing reasonably close.

- a faster lens would be great, of course. but the current one is simply a work of art, the sharpness at f2.8 is nothing less than stunning. faster most probably would mean bigger, even retracted, which is not an option.

Do not know if I was qualify the sharpness at full aperture " stunning"

nearly every review mentions the sharpness at fully open. however, i think we can agree that the current lens is a great lens?

- image stabilization would be great! if this is possible within the size, please add that. it would be a lot more of a benefit than one stop faster aperture.

Again a built in IS would have to imply a larger body all other things being equal

i think so too, and keeping the small size is more important. nevertheless, if the engineers can make it within the size, it would be great to have.

- EVF of course would be great too, but again only if it is possible within the size constraints (flash needs to stay).

This is flash instead of EVF divide I mentioned earlier in this post. I think the flash versus EVF is probably close to an even split among long term GR users. and NO a built in high res EVF cannot be added and keeping the size the same when keeping the flash

the sony rx100 is a smaller camera, and has both. it surely isn't easy to achieve, and should be well thought through. i'm not saying it should be done at all costs, but it is not impossible.

- personally i would love a focus ring around the lens. i love manual focus, and there are quite some situations where any other means of focussing just won't cut it, but i never use it on the GR because it is so cumbersome.

Not a rational option on a self retracting lens

an electronic ring, of course. there is a ring there, exactly where you expect a focus ring, just it has another use. it is up to the engineers, if both a filter adapter and a focus ring are feasible.

- - a version/branch with exchangeable lenses would indeed be great, very great!

This would be a different camera not a GR anymore

well, that is exaclty what i wrote further down. it was intended as kind of a reaction to ideas stated by other photographers.

adopting the m-mount would be an obvious choice,

why? if Ricoh ever develops an interchangeable lens camera using a manual focus mount would be a terrible choice

because it allows small lenses. fuji x-mount or sony e mount would be good options too. and, if possible within license regulations, the world really doesn't need jet another standard.

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