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Does anyone here have experiences with these lenses on a A7ii? Interested in both. Ofcourse the 85 f/1.4 Art is very new. I handled this lens yesterday on an A7ii (in camerastore), with the MC-11 converter. Not really in balance with the weight of the camera, but very solid feel.

I'm interested in user reports (if there are any yet). Especially IQ!

How was the AF with the 85mm + MC-11? I just ordered the MC-11 and have been looking at all 85mm (f1.8 or faster) options. Mostly considering the Canon 85mm f1.8, Tamron 85mm f1.8, new and old Sigma 85mm f1.4, and possibly the GM.

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AF was good; it was fast enough. If I buy it, my camerashop will make sure it's calibratred correctly (did not notice any flaws here, but I've read some user reports saying that their Sigmas front focussed. So, just to be sure). Did you read the reviews on this lens? One says it's beating the Otus!

On mirrorless, there's nothing to calibrate as the focusing and imaging sensors are on the same plane.

I'm pretty sure, outside of lab, the lens does not beat Otus. In lab, it has more longitudal CA, and in real shooting, very likely different colour rendering. That doesn't diminish its value, though.

Also which lab? With lenses this good the minutiae matter. Most lab tests are chart tests; this means two things. One is that they are shortish distances (who knows how the lenses compare at infinity - a bench test is needed. The other thing is that with lenses like this, the printing of the charts won't be good enough to get meaningful results (Jim Kasson has switched to imaging razor blade edges)

If you think all this means that, interesting though it is, actual sharpness levels of the best lenses are so high that they don't matter, and it's other features that do, I suspect that's often right....

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