ISO preformance on 7d2 vs. 50d

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Re: ISO preformance on 7d2 vs. 50d

CameraCarl wrote:

Look at the DPReview review of the 7D Mark II for the images taken at various ISOs and decide based on what you see how far you think the ISO can be pushed before it becomes objectionable to you. Your tolerance may be different from mine and that of the other readers here.

My digital pathway has been Olympus C2000z, C4000z, C350z, C750z, the Canon - 350D, 40D, 7D, 7DMkII (And a Panasonic along the way which never quite had a likeable colour Palette). The digital noise has improved from horrendous to very good. Try a 16 Second time exposure at 400ISO on an Olympus C2000z and you'll never complain again!

My wife's upgrade path was the 350D when I got the 40D, before getting the 50D & 6D as hers. But I can borrow them from time to time.

Anyway, as far as noise goes, the 7D was certainly a big improvement on the 50D (which was a nice camera). But when she got the 6D, I didn't bother taking low-light/indoors shots because her 6D would trump the 7D every time. We would always use her images. But with the 7DMkII the gap is a lot narrower. Yes, she may get a little cleaner image, but the 7DMkII kicks the 6D's butt when it comes to low-light AF. So it's no longer a foregone conclusion as to which image we'd keep. We have shot photo's down in caves where tripod's are banned, and the trusty 7DMkII with the 17-55mm IS Canon lens was still happily focussing away when we'd had to put the 50mm F1.4 lens on the 6D, and it was still struggling.

I'm sure the 80D is still a contender in your deliberations, and rightly so. But I certainly wouldn't exclude the 7DMkII by any means. I'd just love someone to drop it's AF into the 6D and make a 6DMkII, and AF is it's weakest point.

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