ISO preformance on 7d2 vs. 50d

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Re: ISO preformance on 7d2 vs. 50d

Why the 7D2 over the 80D? Moving from the 50D, the 80D would be the more logical choice, and it is a little better in low light than the 7D2. The 7D2 is optimized for sports (high speed shooting) and wildlife (complex focusing options for rapidly moving subjects) - but the 80D is MUCH better than your 50D on those aspects anyway.

In both cases, you can expect about a 1 to 1.5 stop improvement in high ISO, where shooting at ISO 3200 on the 80D or 7D2 would be about the same as ISO 1600 on the 50D - and with the right camera set up, maybe you could even go to ISO 6400 and still be OK with the noise level.

Note that a key for low noise is to avoid boosting the shadows in post processing, which means the correct exposure is key. Too often people under expose in low light and boost the shadows in post processing, greatly increasing the image noise (the noise of an ISO 3200 image boosted 1 stop in post processing can be higher than that of a correctly exposed ISO 6400 image).

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