24-105 II - less worried now...

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Re: The 24-105 STM even looks sharper

Kjeld Olesen wrote:

Hmnn - more than a bit I would say. The Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM looks sharper at a fraction of the price - yes I know it is lower build quality and 5.6 at the long end, but still ...

dpr4bb wrote:

I'm a little more worried now:

Lens image quality tool from The Digital Picture

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Surprised this hasn't gotten more attention.  Is there some other downside to the 24-105STM besides the one stop at the long end and the build robustness?

It seems like most who want the 24-105 range are looking for convenience with the understanding that there are going to be some compromises.  It feels like the STM version makes the "best" compromises since nobody is buying the 24-105/4L to achieve the ultimate image quality anyway.

The STM is smaller, lighter, cheaper and sharper almost everywhere. If you're willing to carry more weight almost every L lens made has better image quality than the 24-105/4LII.

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