Sony 70-400 G2 versus Canon 100-400 II f4.5-5.6 or ???

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Re: Sony 70-400 G2 versus Canon 100-400 II f4.5-5.6 or ???

Philnw2 wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

Philnw2 wrote:

Well, my order just went off for the Sony 70-400 G2. Feels like a big step but the right one. Picking the Sony means to me that the steady shot mechanism will work with my camera.

Actually, with the Canon 100-400 II + the Metabones IV adapter, you can choose between the camera's IBIS, the lens' (supposed) 4 stop IS or let the camera automatically choose which system to use.

Also the wide 70 end of it can be a significant advantage when out shooting. I once had a Pentax 300mm prime lens and was shooting an overhead bald eagle when it swooped down too close for me to focus on it. Zoom lenses are advantageous when they are telescopic i think, for that reason.

That at least can be a real reason...

Ordered it from Adorama which sells it with a $150 gift certificate and the hood. The Canon lens does not come with a hood and they are not cheap.

???!!!??? Yes, they do.

I also have both a LAEA3 and a LAEA4 which i picked up used a few months back. If LAEA3 doesn't provide the focusing at the long end that i wish, i'll try the LAEA4. If nothing else i'll manually focus the dang thing

IMO, there's more chance of the Canon keeping its value over time than the Sony (unless the A system really is kept alive): I certainly lost a bit with the used 70-400 G over less than a year.

While not at a bad or a wrong decision, yours doesn't seem to have been an especially well-informed one...

I disagree. I read the 2 replies from shooters who actually had used the G2, you've only used the G1 so i discounted your opinion. The specs for the Canon don't list a hood as an accessory and i finally found a hidden view of one. My Canon EF 85 f1.8 came without a hood.

They're both good lenses no doubt. But by buying a 70-400, it eiliminates any need to carry my 70-200 lens with me on a trip. I also read many accounts of the Sony 70-400 g2 on the Fred Miranda site and reviewed many images from the Sony. I don't have the metabones so thats an extra $400 and what worries me more are the reports of crashes on that adapter. Maybe its been solved, i don't know. But i also reviewed many youtube videos regarding the G2 and the Canon.

You need to be more considerate of your fellow forum members before shooting your mouth off.

I wasn't trying to be inconsiderate and am sorry you took it that way, but you did mention 2 pieces of misinformation: one major (no steady shot with the Canon) and one minor (the Canon 100-400 II comes with no hood, when in fact it does - it says right on the box "with lens case and lens hood") which I wanted to rectify.

I also said that you didn't make a bad or wrong decision, just that you got some facts wrong.

Anyway, enjoy your new lens, it is a good one, however better or worse the Canon may be.

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