What would you fix in the 2017 MacBook Pro?

Started Nov 21, 2016 | Polls thread
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What would you fix in the 2017 MacBook Pro?

Okay, 2016 has brought us a significant, but somewhat controversial MacBook Pro refresh. Assuming Apple will tweak its offering in 2017 what one item would you like to see fixed the most?

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32GB RAM option
22.8% 13  votes
USB-A/3.0 port - in addition to at least one USB-C port
10.5% 6  votes
SD card slot - supporting latest spec cards of course
17.5% 10  votes
Magsafe, or a magsafe-like USB-C, power cable
19.3% 11  votes
HDMI output
0.0% 0  votes
15% percent price reduction
22.8% 13  votes
Other (please give details below starting answer with "Other: ")
7.0% 4  votes
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