Please crit my potential gear for all round use

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Re: Please crit my potential gear for all round use

rayrik wrote:

SwissSwiss wrote:

- Samyang/Rokinon 12mm f2

Cheaper is a plus but I might miss the 10mm. There is a Samyang 10mm for Sony too but I don't hear much about it and it is only $200 cheaper than 10-18. Hmmm need to think more about this.

- Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC DN

Very tempting lens and at 1.4 is the fastest APS-c e mount lens? Good for studio portrait use too?

- SEL 18-105g f4

I could start by using only SEL 18-105g F4 for studio portrait use and not buy the above Sigma straight away?

- SEL 50mm f1.8

At the price is not bad. Good for subject separation. Was planning to use for indoor studio use and portrait shoots in nature. So outside space is not an issue but the Sigma 1.4 and SEL 18-105 should cover me?

Samyang 12mm - It is sharp, it is good for astrophotography but after few months got tired of spending too much time PP on every single pic. The problem are the colours, not just compared to Zeiss but also Sony lenses. Will probably sell it as soon as I get it back from Samyang (warranty repair) and get 10-18 or Touit 12.

Sigma 1.4 reading about the bugs dropped my interests and got Touit 32 instead,it de-throned 24mm Sony/Zeiss als my most favourite lens.

SEL 50mm 1.8 it is the best IQ for the money but sold it after 1 year of using just few times and never again. Prefer 85 or longer for portraits. For anything else it is too short/too long, I do agree with other posters kind of odd for APC-S.

While 10mm can take some spectacularly wide shots, that focal length is not as versatile as 12mm, IMO. The 12mm touit always goes with me when I travel for both indoor and outdoor architectural shots primarily.  I would also recommend the 16-70 in lieu of the 18-105. Not that the 18-105 is a bad lens; it is quite good, but not wide enough. There is a more difference between 16 and 18mm than you might assume.

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