Please crit my potential gear for all round use

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Re: Please crit my potential gear for all round use

FingerPainter wrote:

You want to do studio portraiture but have nothing longer than 60mm? Too short.

Studio space is limited so can't go too long. Plus my subject will be female fitness models so won't be tight shots. I have to get atleast their upper body. I will be using studio lights so won't the SEL 18-105mm f4 be ok? Rest of the shots will be outside or in the gym.

Forgot the guy's name but he uses 24mm on FF to do studio fitness shots and his results are really cool.

10-18 f/4 is fine for landscapes and well-lit interiors, but a bit slow for typical interiors.

What do you recommend? Samyang 12mm f2?

I'd rather have the 55 than the 50, but you've got the 60, Even better., The extra length is more useful for half height portraits. I always find 50mm to be an awkward and near-useless focal length on APS-C As another poster said, too long for landscapes, not long enough for portraits.

The Nikkon 60mm f2.8 does produce super sharp images as it is a macro lens

The 18-105 offers a useful range of focal lengths, but its corners are too soft for landscapes and it isn't fast enough for portraits on APS-C.

A good standard zoom is always useful. Pity the kit 16-50 isn't very good.

Yeah makes me wanna jump to Fuji...but grass is not always greener on the other side....

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