Please crit my potential gear for all round use

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Re: Please crit my potential gear for all round use

SwissSwiss wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

My eternal question: what are you trying to achieve with a major large set of new gear?

I assume you have had experience with Sony, yes. no? What is missing with the gear that you now have or once had?

So I ask: what are you trying to achieve by changing everything in your bag all at once?

Can't wrap my head arrow this at all. One piece of gear at a time, not all at once would be my path. But why not up the price to $6,000 or Francs and add the 70 -200 f/2.8 or f/4? And so forth ... Then a tripod, a large screen computer, LR, video editing software of high quality, a color calibration tool, ... and that would then come to $ 8000.

So why do you shy away from getting the whole Egyptian set of pyramids, bought in a single day. Can you explain? But whatever you finally do buy, enjoy the full new set!

I owned a6000 for 1.5 years. I used it with kit lens and 2 Nikon adapted lens throughout that time. I took approximately 10'000 photos in that time. I always wanted something wider than 16mm for landscape and interior/architecture shots but resisted. Also something better for portrait shots.

I don't drink, smoke or have any bad habits. I don't waste money on meaningless things nor do I have any responsibilities like kids. I have zero debts and always live well within my means. I like photography but still held myself back for 1.5 years with what I had.

Most of everything I am going to buy is already covered by photography related client work that I am doing and have done.

I already have large monitors and softwares. I am in a creative industry so all that is covered already lol

In fact I ordered studio lights and light modifiers too. I have work lined up where client has already paid me half $ in advance hence I am investing more. So it is private pleasure and work related.

Egyptian pyramids are outside my budget range unfortunately just like FF Sony cameras and lenses Even though I can easily afford FF gear.

I don't know why some posters are suggesting you don't buy all the lenses at once, you've clearly done your homework, and the lenses match your use cases well. And wow, talk about judgmental!

I did the same as you, did my homework, and bought the best, and bought them all at once. Zero regrets. My lenses cover all my use cases and needs, are the best of the best native E-mount, have great build quality, look great, and will last for years over various body upgrades. I'll probably upgrade the body from the A6000 one day, but am in no rush. For similar reasons, depending on how much you want in-lens OSS, and budget depending, I would recommend you consider the Z24 and Z55 instead of the S30 and E50. Some wise photographers recommend you spend more money on the best glass you can. And I can concur that it is very satisfying knowing my lenses have no compromise, and I can use them for years over many body upgrades as new technology comes out.

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