what is the adjusted shutter speed rule for focal length with the 5 axis stabilization?

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Perfectly sharp?

bakhtyar kurdi wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

bakhtyar kurdi wrote:

For A7Rii high resolution camera I see 1/2X shutter speed is perfect for someone with no shaky hand.

Let me net out my recommendations from this post .

Standing, "Pete Souza" grip, no IBIS: 1/(FL*4) seconds.

Standing, "Pete Souza" grip, IBIS: 1/(FL*0.5) seconds.

I will add a few other stances.

Sitting, elbows on table, same grip: one to two stops longer than the above.

Prone, elbows on ground: same grip: two to three stops longer than the above.

Camera pressed solidly against wall: 4 or more stops longer than the above.

You are right if explain it in detail, I have sharp images taken at 1/20sec with 500mm lens, but at 1/2 focal length as general rule I get every single picture perfectly in focus no matter how I am holding the camera.

One person's perfectly sharp is another person's moderately blurry:




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