GR III coming in 2017?

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Where to go from the GXR ....

Harold66 wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Harold, nice to hear from you again.

Hi Tom hope you are doing well

I don't think that the GM series would be your style of camera but the GX85 would surely fire you up

Well, Tom, be prepared for a shock but I DO HAVE a Gx85. ( looks like you are not a reader of my blog alas ). Iwas actually a very early buyer and got the first one available in Brussels.My reasoning for getting one was that it would be better than the LX 100 which I had sold ( and it is in lany ways) and more importantly I thought maybe it would give a slightly better IQ than the EM5-II WHEN USED with Panasonic lenses, especially for optical corrections ( does not seem to be the case)

The main advantage of the GX85 , outside its diminutive size, is the value for the money especially when buying with the 12-32mm kit lens which is a very likeable lens and which I bought as a cheap and light fixed 12mm

+1 for you Harold  I still have not progressed beyond the GX7 as I find it also a very good camera and whilst I like the GM series because I can use them as multiple cameras each with a lens I don't tkae this as far as the larger body sizes.  Mainly because the GM bodies only add a "pack of cards" to the size of any lens that is to be carried.

The camera built is very satisfactory but let s face it the EVF REALLY SUCKS !.

I don't mind the evf - I have used two others which were bought on my recommendation and the evf does not bother me - but I know that it does bother others.

The GX7 evf does tlt and it can get caught up in bags but as it has no ratchet it causes no problem.

Here is an image taken with my GX7 using a Canon EF 400/2.8 lens via a Metabones focal reduction adapter. Live theatre: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - "Sir Toby Belch"

This is something that the GXR unfortunately could not do.

Here we have a GXR-style camera that only Ricoh could have made better but chose not to do so.

However I don't think I said it was Ricoh-like and if I did I apologise - I simply meant that the GM series has another very good user interface.

I agree that the Panasonic camera user interface is mostly very good even if there is one thing that I cannot get used to but it is because I am switching between several user interface. If i was a Pana user only it would not be an issue


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