GR III coming in 2017?

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The Richard Franiec grip is no more

ChristianHass wrote:

I just picked up a GM5 with the 42.5mm f1.7 as a tele companion to my GR. It's slippery as a bar of soap and the controls are nowhere near as intuitive, but I'll probably get used to it and I already ordered a "stick-on" grip.

Unfortunately Richard Franiec is not longer selling his "perfect" little grip for the GM series.

It is the sort of thing that if someone had the wit to do the technical design, would be an ideal subject for 3-D printing.

The controls are different but are a relative easy mental adjustment.

The GM1 has a "weird" multi-function wheel as a major control.  It is soft and light and does not repay heavy presses or even being twirled without some user insight and care. If the thumb twirl is not in a flat plane with the back of the camera then an inadvertant key press will ensure.  However it is well worth the training experience and the involuntary curses along the way as once mastered it is one of the best camera tools invented.  Maybe twelve months of frustration down the track and now it can be so natural and perfect Not many have my staying power (grin again). Soft and light and very quick.  The GM5 rough rotate and click wheel substitute (much lauded) is really "agricultural" by comparison but is much easy to come to terms with.  Besides in order to revise the button placement the playback button also became more remote.  But there certainly are worse interfaces about.

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