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Re: Antonio - a further comment,

Pedagydusz wrote:

I think that there is some uphill slope to overcome on learning how to use the Olympus system, but once done, it becomes very easy. I am not a user of every system, so I can't compare them all, but I used for years (since the beginning of digital, almost) Canon cameras, still use on occasion, and currently use also Panasonic, and don't see any special difficulty in using Olympus. And I am not particularly young (:-(, understatement of the year!).

What the Olympus is is highly customisable, somebody that doesn't need this feature may be put off by it!

The problem, in my experience that there are simply too many features tacked onto aging, only cursorily-updated menu structure and control hierarchy. There is such a thing as too many features.

This is something the usually very helpful expert owner of the best audiophile/ mutlimedia installation shop and recording studio in the province pointed out.  He has 35+ years of professional experience, and expert technicians.  He designed and with the techs built a multi room studio with two 64 and one 32 channel Einstein board,, miles of cabling, top software, electronics and even 2 inch 30 ips tape which may be the best in Canada. They  have also done many huge and complex AV installations. But he refuses to have anything to do with Denon AV receivers like the mega feature, 3-zone, 7+ channel one I made the mistake of buying.

There is a long and frustrating history, especially with some Japanese products, of simply adding feature after feature without ever really deciding which of them are  fundamentally important and likely to be accessed by most users, and which are sprinkles on top of the icing on the cake.   people's confusion and frustration and eventually ridicule of the Edsel come to mind.

The MySets on the E-3 and E-5 were something of a recognition and useful solution. However, setting and accessing them has got more complicated, as yet more dubious "features" most of us navigate to avoid (four second video clips, selenium etc. tone, direct printing from camera, etc)  grow like weeds, obscuring essential settings

With a small body and limited control real estate, this becomes a PITA that makes especially many of those with large hand, or aging eyesight and brains - some of them really talented artists looking for simple handable tools rather than hi-tech toys -- to look elsewhere.

Reports that Olympus is finally revising some of its menu system are encouraging.

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