GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: questionable statements

Harold66 wrote:

rondom wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Hi Rondom

Here it is

Thanks, appreciate it! Maybe I'm missing it, but I didn't notice your comments on the EVF, and I'm still curious to hear why you hate it so much.

Hello again

you did not miss anything. I have yet to write the second part of the review.

Now as to your question. I really dislike the EVF for three reasons :

1/the magnification of the finder is really not good. When comparing with the magnification of the em5 markII it really sucks.while i do not have my first Em5 ( model 1) with me I am quite certain that the regular em5 is already better

2/the eye relief is mediocre,below what the competition offers and the eyecup feels uncomfortable to me ( you might have a different experience)

3/I do not like the view of sequential Evf. I am not very susceptible to the tear effect of sequential evf but it still refreshs differently.compared to the em5mark ii, it feels like looking through a peephole

NOW, let me add a few important things.Will it bother someone's else as much : it oly depends!

I think, above everything else, it depends on where you are coming from. For someone who was used to NO evf at all or the one of the gm5 , it may not look as bad but it would very different if you come fro, a fuji X or XT or the recent oly bodies

Now onto the question you did not ask : would I buy it again and would I recommend it to someone else . My answer to the first question would be a NO and a NO, unless to the second one

The GX80/85 is a good camera no doubt and a very good value for the money no doubt but I think the G80/85 is better and has a better EVF. And if this is really a question of size, the em10 mark II and, especially the em5 ii gives you more comfort and better results

on top of that the em5 mIi is more comfortable to hold imo ( but you should try for yourself to decide what works for you)

hope this helps


Most helpful! thanks. well, I may have just helped you to finish your review after all

I think I understand your reservations. As you rightly point out, coming from GM5 may help me become less disappointed than you were. I'll wait before I buy one.

thanks again!

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