GR III coming in 2017?

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reeluff wrote:

A GR is not a GR if it is anything but 28mm(equiv) - if they ever changed that it would be a massive mistake! All they need to do is to update the sensor and improve quality control/longevity/sealing> harden it up a bit! No swapping of the flash for an evf - flash is part of the GR. No need for touch screen or fancy video. The handling is perfect-it is what makes the GR special, nothing handles so well, so small, so sleek with such quality 28mm imaging (panasonic does not compare). I wouldn't mind smaller sensors(more DOF) if the quality was as good - esp dynamic range > but they are not-so aps is fine.

If they were to release a seperate GR body with Qmount and quality razor sharp prime lens line up - 21,28,35 etc then that could be quite interesting too. I do not like the Q body and the lens lineup is poor.

I didn't suggest that they should change the focal length. 28, more than anything, is about their legacy and particular niche. So by all means.

On the other hand, as Tom said, there is more to photography. Ricoh, as I said before, will probably stick to one camera only.

So anyone with needs beyond 28 mm should stop agonizing and the self torturing and look elsewhere.

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