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Re: questionable statements

Harold66 wrote:

Harold, nice to hear from you again. I don't think that the GM series would be your style of camera but the GX85 would surely fire you up Here we have a GXR-style camera that only Ricoh could have made better but chose not to do so.

Panasonic took a Ricoh-like bold step in removing the flash unit and reducing (!) the size of the lcd in order to fit a quite effective evf

I think a lot of reviewers and users would disagree with this statement about the effectiveness of this EVf

Frankly I don't really care what reviewers or other users say - these are comments that might come from camera buyers who are not in the market for a camera the size of the GM series. It has quite high resolution and does everything I need - it is a considerable advance on the rather basic clip on evf supplied with the GXR - but it does not tilt of course.

GM1 and GM5 bodies these days I hardly notice the difference in lcd size when swapping between them.

that I also find hard to believe considering that the two lcd do not have the same image ratio if I am not mistaken

Yes they do have a different screen ratio and physical size but I swap between them all the time and it does not bother me. I presume that you don't own any GM series camera bodies to really do more than mention the fact.

SheerAdding five extra configurable touch function keys to the screen has allowed Panasonic to provide a considerable amount of user configuration in these bodies without burdening it with awkward constructs of buttons and wheels

this depends on which mode you use and assumes one is comfortable working with a touch LCd showing once again that the user interface of the GM is very different to the Gr despite assertions to the contrary

I have to emphasise that the touch interface used by Panasonic is probably one of the best in the business and very well thought out. It is designed by adults for adults and has nothing "twee" about it.

You can use or not use the touch screen on the GM cameras as much as you wish and even switch it off and ignore it if it pleases. I don't tear around the touch screen eagerly as if it was a toy. But the (has to be set first) touch to focus and capture on any point can come in handy. The five extra soft function keys Are distinctly useful - one touch to pop out and another to invoke a selected function - easy. Not to forget that there is also a fifteen slot "quickmenu" that I rarely use (and struggle to find more than 10 left over useful functions to put in there) but have put my rarely used needs to avoid menu diving. I also find that paging through the menu by page is very quick using touch function.

Like Ricoh it has a last menu visited function which also remembers that function in each sub-menu - very useful at times.

However I don't think I said it was Ricoh-like and if I did I apologise - I simply meant that the GM series has another very good user interface. The GM5 even has a turn and click wheel on the back of the camera not unlike the turn and click wheel on the first GRD which was replaced by the less satisfactory jog lever. Panasonic use it for a different purpose of course - it is more like the up-down wheel on steroids.

I do miss the in-camera raw development of the GR and the Mode2 focus peaking which is somewhat of an anachronism in that model with its not particularly nice to use in manual focus mode - can we ask for a focus ring on the GRIII?

I think focus peaking on the GR is only there because they had it developed for the GXR where it was truly useful - so why not?

I did not come to this thread so much as to praise Panasonic but to suggest that there are some features that their GM series offers that would sit well in a Ricoh body.


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