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Re: I did my homework, did you?

glowingshutter wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

"It seems" he does not claim it. He simply tells us what he gets from reviews. He is not overstating it, it is how I interpretate them too. My GH4 does not seem to be capable of doing all that...

I can tell you something DFD bodies are likely to be able to do that the E-M1 II can't. In terms of S-AF speed and low light focusing, I doubt the E-M1 II will compete with the GX8.

The S-AF speed is actually better on Olympus, but it depends very much about the situation on what direction you are focusing and how many repeats. Like is it from far to close, and is it from far-close-far-close between objects set where the difference are made.


Again, take a look at the video above, starting at 7:30. I don't think any amount of cross-type AF points are going to fix that gap, which is a technological gap.

I can take that shutter speed sound from GX8 and put it to loop like a metronome. And yet I can beat the focus speed with E-M1 from similar distance setup. Of course 40-150 was used but this even with bad light instead like the video.

The OP stated that autofocus in general is the best in MFT land, but I would disagree with that given the cameralabs review of S-AF speed and low light focusing.

E-M1 has done great on low light focusing, in situations where it is already difficult to see a deer in naked eye. But that is still key for panasonic GH4 as that is just amazing in low light that no DSLR even has! Hat off for that to Panasonic. And reviewers said that the presentation situation was very dim and yet AF performed nearly perfectly or great.

And there are newer bodies than the GH4. I'd like to see a head to head with the GX8 or G85 before I even concede the tracking and C-AF part of the autofocus.

Sure, and we know those will come.

But one thing is already clear that m4/3 cameras are on level with best APS-C cameras before D500 in C-AF and S-AF speeds. And that is already a lot, and this was before the E-M1 got even firmware updates or GX8 was released.

So anything that there is, is all about the photographer skills and capabilities. And when GH5 gets out and E-M1 II gets to be runned, results likely are very identical.

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