GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: The GRIII could also be the GXRII

Archiver wrote:

Tom, interesting how you have assembled a set of body/lens combinations, and as much of a diehard Ricoh fan you are, you have embraced the Panasonic GM1/5 cameras. The GM cameras are excellent, and I hope Panasonic haven't abandoned that line. While it doesn't have the rich image quality of the GR, it really does come close, and is more versatile due to the number of lenses available to it.

The GR III is likely to be something like:

- 28mm f2.5 or f2 lens (might be longer than current)

- 24mp Sony sensor, no AA filter, with better high ISO performance

- assorted Effects that emulates a few types of film stock

- WiFi and touchscreen

- craptacular video mode as usual for Ricoh

As much as it would be great to have a viewfinder, the size of the screen would seem to prevent it. 24mp sensor with no AA filter will mean great cropping capabilities, and a crop mode that goes to 50mm.

What I'd love to see are decent video quality, in-body stabilization, and a multi-aspect ratio use of the sensor which enables the use of a f2 lens that is the same size as current.

with the exception of no AA filter, you're pointing to a pretty unnecessary upgrade.  Can they afford to follow that approach twice in a row?

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