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I can't believe I'm the first to point this out, but you don't have the camera and you didn't provide any sources for these claims. I might as well be reading a wish list.

Okapi001 wrote:

So, what can we summarize after the first few reviews?

Image quality: about the same as Pen F, with perhaps some minor improvements. At the moment, it should be the best of all m4/3 cameras, but differences are small. Those who expected some miraculous improvements are disappointed. Others are not.

Speed (frames/second): as advertised;-) It’s faster than any other camera with equal or larger sensor. This feature is downgraded by some who claim they don’t need such a speed. All the others are impressed.

Autofocus: It seems to be the best among m4/3 cameras. C-AF and tracking appears to be fast and quite reliable, but not enough testing has been made so far for the true comparison with the APS-C and FF competition. In-camera focus limiters should be useful, but not really tested so far.

You mean the best among Olympus cameras. Don't forget that Olympus has yet to beat or even match Panasonic in this regard with any prior camera, so I consider it premature to make the claim that it's the best in the MFT world.

Image stabilisation: works as advertised, at the moment it appears to be the best of all cameras, regardless of price.

Based on what?

High resolution mode: Those expecting miracle (that is, handheld hi-res) are disappointed. Others are generally impressed. It appears to be (significantly) better implement than before (Pen F, M5 ll), due to much less artifacts from moving parts, but not enough real life examples are available so far. Which in fact is the case with the hi-resolution mode on previous models, too. I think it’s the consequence of the simple fact that the resolution higher than 16 or 20 mpix is relatively rarely useful.

Pro Capture: works as advertised, but not enough real life examples have been seen so far (only a geyser and some exploding balloons) to really appreciate this feature. It’s a completely novel feature in this class of cameras and photographers will have to discover on their own how really useful (or not) it is.

Viewfinder: improved, and appears to be working as advertised - but I haven’t seen any real comparisons with optical viewfinders (it’s been advertised as being as good as optical). Some noticed a little too saturated colors (and it’s not clear if this can be changed in settings).

E-shutter (rolling shutter): (significantly) improved, and it appears it’s the best among mirrorless cameras with m4/3 or larger sensors. However, not enough testing has been made so far, with subjects where rolling shutter is the most obvious (like golf, baseball …).

Focus stacking: So far very few examples available (I’ve seen only one reviewer showing them), and it’s hard to tell if there is any difference with the previous model. It appears it works as advertised (and it’s not really heavily advertised).

Live Composite: haven’t seen a single example. Presumably works the same as on previous models.

Wi-Fi: haven’t seen any real tests (regarding reliability, range …). Presumably works the same as on previous models.

Battery: improved and works more or less as advertised. Haven’t seen any complaints about the incompatibility with the previous batteries, which is IMHO a little odd (all those with mk1 or Pen F will have to carry two different spare batteries).

Ergonomics: generally, no complaints. It’s about the same as with the mk1, or even a little better.

Other improvements: some noticed exposure compensation is now available in Auto ISO manual mode. Auto ISO better implemented, with shutter speed limits. Probably a few others that I don't remember at the moment;-)

Complaints: haven’t seen much of them in these first reviews. Shutter release a little too sensitive for some of the reviewers.

Anyway, I already paid for one and can't wait to get it, hopefully in December.

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