Extender on a Canon 70-300, Non-L Lens?

Started Nov 8, 2016 | Discussions thread
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Re: Extender on a Canon 70-300, Non-L Lens?

Chris R-UK wrote:

Snow Crow wrote:

SeeTheWorld wrote:

Will the Canon Extenders work on a Non-L lens? Thank you.

No... just L lenses!

And not all L lenses, only the 135mm f/2 and longer and I am not sure that they will work on the 70-300mm L IS. It isn't in the compatibility chart on one site that I looked at.

You may be able to use a third party 1.4x teleconverter like those made by Kenco but you will almost certainly have no AF or extremely slow AF on your camera.

Save up for a longer lens instead.

true,  use the extenders / teleconverters on the better, longer lens

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