GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: GR III coming in 2017?

maltmoose wrote:

Daniel4 wrote:

Make it dust-proof and I'll buy one again (sold the first model after two repairs for dust).

Make it f/2.

Make it 35mm (28mm is too wide for general purpose).

Add phase-detection AF.

I cant argue with that list, but ill add one more and thats improved low light sensor, GR is fairly noisy even compared to M43,

Well I can . the 35mm is not a good idea . we do not need ANOTHER 35mm fixed focal length. I doubt that Ricoh is ever going to abandon the 28mm FOV. I think they would be smart to offer a second option with a 40mm FOV ( 50mm with the crop) and a 2x converter

This was virtually EVERY common focal length between 21mm and 100mm would be covered with two small bodies and two converters


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