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Re: Is this NR on the E-M1 RAW at ISO6400?

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Have a read -


"The high-end of ISO sensitivity is 6400, Gensel pointed out, but that isn't the whole story. The M1 Mark II applies color noise reduction filtration on the sensor data before it is written to a Raw or JPEG file.

He showed a couple of examples, most notably, the blue-channel noise removal of an underwater shot.

We asked if this had any effect on the dynamic range of the image but he didn't know. And, no, it isn't something you can elect to skip."

I guess Oly fudged their ISO performance just like Fuji applies NR in their RAW file.

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The GH4 seems to match pretty well until ISO3200. Then at ISO6400, it looks like something different is happening with the E-M1. I wouldn't call it a major difference, but the noise doesn't look as fine as it does on the GH4.

I've always thought that it looks like there's some form of smoothing going on in the E-M1 noise. It has a very smeary pattern that's reminiscent of the Fuji X-Trans sensors except there's still plenty of chroma noise.

I'm not sure Fuji does much if any Raw noise reduction (beyond what everyone does), as the smearing effects seem to be mostly confined to ACR processed images (which is everything on dpreview that isn't a JPEG, of course), so I think it's the raw converter. I've run some images through Silkypix and seen much less artificial looking noise.

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