What is the best Monitor calibration software

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Re: What is the best Monitor calibration software

I use a Spyder Pro 5 on my Eizo.

peter42y wrote:

Hello Everyone.

For me and for other people as well , photographt color accuracy is very important.

Given such fact it is also important to have a color calibrated screen monitor.

This all more important since many people do post process their pictures and without a calibrated monitor it is impossible to know which colors are right and which colors are off.

As far as I understand there is hardware solutions to calibrate monitors.
There is also software solutions.
Some are free , others are paid.

1- What is the best free software ?

1 B - Calibration with software hardware might damage monitor ?

2- What is the best paid software ?

3 - What about hardware solutions to calibrate the monitor ?

Interesting resources :





Thanks in advance for your replies.

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