Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

Started Oct 24, 2016 | Discussions thread
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This is one of my greatest issues with Adobe/Nikon

im not sure whether it's Adobe's fault or Nikon's fault but someone is doing a terrible job. If it's Nikon, they are doing their customer a massive disservice, I honestly doubt it's Adobe. I can open one of my Fuji raw files and set the profile and it looks exactly like the jpg. It requires 10% of the processing of my Nikon.

It reminds me a little of Nikon keeping their mirrorless development quiet. If they are developing something and keeping it quiet, their marketing guys are idiots because they are haemorrhaging customers who may stay if they knew something was coming. If they aren't developing something then they management are idiots.

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