Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

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again, how do you know Nikon is at fault?

Simon Garrett wrote:

Can you provide any link to where Nikon publishes information about relevant metadata such as the picture control, noise reduction, D-Lighting etc? To be useful to others writing raw converters, one would need not only the names of the relevant fields (which many people have figured out) but also the semantics; that is, a definition about what is meant by "Standard" picture control and so on. AFAIK all this information is proprietary, but if I'm wrong I'd love to see where it's published.

Well, whether or not Nikon publishes information about their metadata tells us nothing about whether they are refusing to provide it to Adobe (under license or otherwise), or to allow Adobe to use it. Or Phase One or anyone else.

At the moment, I simply don't use any of those features in camera (picture control, D-Lighting, lens correction, vignetting...) as I shoot raw and use Lightroom, which ignores those settings.

Those camera features are simply wasted on me and any other raw shooter that doesn't use Nikon raw software (i.e. most Nikon raw shooters). I'm surprised that doesn't seem to concern Nikon.

Again, you are assuming that it is Nikon that is the impediment here. How do you know that Nikon has not offered all this information to Adobe or Phase One? I don't see any evidence that Adobe and Phase One et. al. have any interest in trying to use all those in-camera parameters, and somehow adapt them to their own raw processing engine in a way that duplicates Nikon's implementation. And do it for half a dozen or more different camera manufacturers.

So, mainly I'm just pointing out the limits of what we know here. Why automatically blame Nikon? But, tangentially, I think it's actually a better guess that Adobe does not think that mimicking all of Nikon's and Canon's (and Sony's and Fuji's etc. etc.) raw processing features/results is a desirable feature for Adobe's software, or a smart use of their engineering resources, at least up until this point. Same for Phase One etc. I doubt whether they're interested.

In fact, the most likely guess is that neither the camera companies nor the software companies think there's any worthwhile ROI in devoting very much engineering time and money to this "problem".

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