Explanation for the upset

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Explanation for the upset

A few years ago, Olympus sold a lot of folks on their top of the line camera and lenses.  They offered amazing performance, even besting the competing camera systems in several areas, but what was even more amazing were the prices.  Olympus offered  their top of the line products at a reachable price.

Now, maybe Olympus deliberately underpriced their cameras and lenses at the start in order to get people in to the system, and it may be that they are now pricing their cameras where they need to be in order to make a decent profit, but for the people that bought into the system because of the great price to quality ratio, their price feels like a bait and switch.

Some people can afford the new prices.  Some people think that the be all end all of this system is the size and that price is irrelevant.  For some people, the new pricing is putting the camera into the same category offered by Canon and Nikon: Top Quality, unobtainable gear.

I, for one, left Canon for Olympus largely because I was tired of having to buy second and third tier cameras and lenses that were crippled so as not to cannibalize from the higher end offerings.  I jumped all in when Olympus offered the E-M1 and the 12-40 2.8 for an incredibly reasonable price compared to Canon's top of the line stuff.  The 70 1.8 is a steal.  Even the 42.5 1.2, the most expensive lens at the time, was obtainable, with careful saving.  If the new price of the mk II holds, this may put it out of my price range.

So, sold on one price range, then switched onto a much higher one, I can see why people are upset.  The reason for the ranting?  Perhaps there is the hope that Olympus will hear them and lower the prices.  People howled about Netflix's massive price increase years ago and Netflix froze the price for existing subscribers for years as a result, and their newest price increase has been much more measured.  Perhaps Olympus will respond with a price cut.  If the response to their price is a bunch of people cheering and talking about how they'd gladly pay even more, what do you think Olympus would do?

At this point, I'm going to continue enjoying my E-M1.  I hope there's a weak demand for the E-M1 mk II at this price, and we see some sharp cuts to something a little more affordable.  People buy into this camera system for very different reasons.  The people who bought into it based largely on price are the ones who are upset.  I hope that the people who didn't can be a little more understanding.

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