People who went 5D3 -> 5D4...

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Re: People who went 5D3 -> 5D4...

Kaitlyn wrote:

desaint wrote:

I did..but i always use two cams,i traded the 1D markIV for the 5D markIV and use the cam now at the same time with the 5D mark III..

The IV is much better,the live view focus is super and the touch screen make your workflow much easier,most important is of corse the image quality,high iso is al lot better and the files are a sort of cleaner but the mark III is stil a good cam.

The 30mp is fine to play with and to crop.

so if you have the money go for it but i think that the IV is still to expensive

Yeah the Mark IV came out pricier than I was prepared for. When it comes to screens I sort of always thought I'd prefer a tilting/articulating screen over a touchscreen. What do you find the touchscreen helps with so much exactly?

Scrolling thru the menu's is much faster and focusing with the tip of your finger is superb,i use it a lot for portrets with mine 85 1.2.

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