Nikon DPR Interview

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Re: The peril of selectively quoting a story

Kevin Omura wrote:

But bottom line seems to be we are in the holding pattern for now.

My personal feeling is that Nikon made a crucial mistake at the very beginning based on what they said in that interview.

I think Nikon have consistently made poor marketing decisions with the N1, because they have never really decided on the market.

The marketing I remember from the early V1 days was the small camera for a DSLR user, for when you didn't want to carry a big heavy camera, but still wanted that DSLR experience. AND very importantly it used the same battery as your DSLR.

But then it kind of went down hill after that with them trying to sell the system to everyone, without it really meeting the requirements of anyone.

I genuinely think it was ahead of its time in terms of features, but its only really now that the 1" sensor is giving the potential of image quality that matches the features it offers.

For me things were coming together nicely with the V2, but they really lost there way with the V3, but as I said in the other post, the great thing about the DLs is that they leave Nikon free to develop a V4 aimed at a much more clearly defined advanced user market.

But I still think Nikon are in a bit of mess, with where they should go next.  Like you I know what I would like them to do, not just as regards the Nikon 1, but also in terms of a full frame mirrorless. I have no interest in a DX mirrorless (but would still like a DX D500).

So I guess we just wait and see,



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