What is your favorite second camera if you already have K5 or K3?

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Re: What is your favorite second camera if you already have K5 or K3?

audiobomber wrote:

DDWD10 wrote:

Panasonic LX100. I take it along hiking and out-and-about. The image quality compares pretty well to my K-5 IIs + Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 as long as you don't push the shadows too hard in post.

There is a one stop difference in noise performance between the LX100 and K-5 IIs (ISO 553 vs. ISO 1208)


For me, the dynamic range performance of the LX100 is the bigger detriment.  The noise I can work around, thanks to the fast lens on the LX100 (f/1.7 vs f/2.8 on the Tammy on the wide end of each), but heavily-boosted shadows are green and grainy on the LX100.  I have to be a little more careful nailing the exposure.

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