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Re: Nikkon Mirrorless Full Frame Camera

Is it possible that Nikon has given us some hints of the future? The 1 series had the fastest autofocus of all mirrorless cameras out of the gate and remains competitive years later. Frame rates were astounding also. Wouldn't the 1 series make a great proving ground for future cameras with scaled up sensors? There would be a lot of engineering to work out, but Nikon would have learned a lot about the electronics and ergonomics of mirrorless here.

Is it possible we could have two types of future mirrorless FX cameras? Both of them using the f-mount. I don't see Nikon bringing out adapters. High res sensors will only highlight the issues with tolerances. The first type would be a Df type of camera maybe not the Df2 but maybe the 3 or 4...) This camera would be f-mount and have all the legacy mechanical aperture control and focus motor required to maintain compatibility with legacy lenses but would get rid of the mirror. It would embrace mirrorless but not see all of the advantages, but at the same time, you could use any lenses you like. The second type of camera would also be f-mount. It would discard the focus motor, aperture levers etc, and remove the mirror fully embracing mirrorless technology and the associated simplicity and reduction in parts. However it would only operate E-type lenses. At this point, you would have access to the 24-70VR, 70-200E, 300E and all the PC Nikkors. Not a bad start for a camera that doesn't exist yet. I have a feeling the f/1.8 primes were too far along the development train to stop and redesign them. That's a shame because if they were E type, that would make a pretty great set of lenses.

I'm unsure about how big a disadvantage the flange distance of the F-mount is? It limits how thin the camera can be but at the same time, it wouldn't need a grip that protrudes so far from the camera to make it comfortable. A lot of the thinnest mirrorless cameras have a somewhat ugly deep grip that protrudes far from the body to make it comfortable or you need to add a battery grip to make it useable all day.

This is all conjecture on my part as to where Nikon is going but ultimately I'm fine with waiting for Nikon to measure twice and cut once and deliver an innovative solution to a complex problem. In the meantime, their products are fist rate and I like the images I'm making with them.

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