Refurbished Olympus Cameras ... my experience

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Re: Refurbished Olympus Cameras ... my experience

Biggstr wrote:

I've purchased two refurbished PM1s from Cameta Camera over time and I thought I would let the community know my experiences. Both cameras were refurbished by Olympus. Both had firmware version 1.0 although the latest version on the Olympus support site is 1.3.

The first was a brown PM1. It was mint; in appearance it was brand new, including a peel away cover over the LCD. I didn't bother to check the shutter count until after I had taken it to the field a couple of times, but the shutter count after the field trips was only 1,000 so I'm sure the count was very low when I purchased it.

The second was a black PM1 (body only). It did not have a peel away cover over the LCD. I checked the shutter count on arrival. The shutter count was 995 with 480 flash activations. The number of flash activations measured against the shutter count seemed high ... but whatever. The sensor dust reduction system had 83 activations, which suggests that the camera had been turned on least 83 times.

The camera body was mint except for a slight pinpoint-sized chip in the paint toward the bottom edge. A quick dab with a black permanent marker and that disappeared. The chip was noticeable but so small that it was not a scrape. Perhaps it was a manufacturing defect. Consider it mint.

I also experienced the disappearing date syndrome with the brown PM1 but I think I know the cause and the solution. Fresh battery ... no problem: take the battery out and return it any number of times and nothing happens. But the problem appears if the battery is low to dead and the batter is not replaced in a reasonable period of time. I had let the low battery alert persist for about three days before the problem materialized. I finally replaced the battery and the date problem went away.

So, I think we can be confident in buying refurbished Olympus cameras from Cameta. Great prices ... no issues ... my experience.

Hello. I bought once a refurbished olympus camera and was the epl5 . i bought it from cameta camera usa. in about 3-4 months when the battery was full the camera shows that the battery was empty and turns off. i replace the battery with new one the camera works for a minute and then again the battery show empty and the camera turns off. finally the camera had problem. so i send it back to the cameta camera and they send it directy to olympus usa. Also cameta camera provide me the email of olympus usa so i can speak with the person there and ask for the replacement. finally they didnt accept my quote for replace the camera but they fix it and they send it back to me and the problem gone. of course i paid for shipping but i cant remember if they pay for shipping bag the item. but to be honest i am very happy with olympus service and olympus email communication. i email them a lot of times and also when i bought another camera and they respond without any problem.

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