Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM: the perfect 400mm budget option for A7II?

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Re: some points to muse over

roger2013 wrote:

Do you mean that the 400 should be sharper, so if I am not seeing any difference, something is wrong? Or that the Tamron should be sharper? My guess is that the problem is my hand holding technique.

indeed, this is usually the first suspecting factor one ought to check carefully -  you can also put both long teles on a tripod (or any other solid support) and then focus them manually at various FLs. This will produce a set of yardsticks to judge your AF'ing results against


Or I wait till there are reports about different lenses on the A6500 and make my decision then. I know the 7d2 + whatever would be good for BIFs, but what holds me back is not wanting to take a second (heavy) system out with me, when I am using a Sony for everything else.


jpr2 wrote:


if what you're seeing in your photos is an appox. same sharpness from the 150-600 vs. the 400/5.6L, than perhaps your cams+adapters are not pushing either of the lenses AF'ing to its critical focus point, OR... you might wish to work more on your camera & lens handling technique for BIFs and birding, or... probably both

Perhaps in your environment you can rent the 7d2 and then see what the 7d2+400L are capable of - sharpness-wise in fast action shooting scenarios.

If not, then just check the Net as there are plenty of samples around showing capability of that pair, or just the EF 400/5.6L mounted on different Canons or Sonys !!

Perhaps you can swap your A-mount Tammy for the EF-mount version, and then use them both with the 400L through the Metabones IV with the latest firmware, as both lenses are getting pretty good ratings usually from hands-on users,


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