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Re: Monopod vs. tripod...

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Any advice for a small but tall monopod with removeable feet that fits the MFT ethos? Ideally it should pack up very small but still be sturdy. I've got a cheap old tripod but it's almost hopeless in any breeze!

Hmmm. Well, there is no monopod in existence that will beat a reasonable tripod for suppressing vibrations. I've actually done tests on this, and you can have a monopod that has much, much thicker sections than the tripod that will not perform as well as the tripod.

Monopods are all about mobility and are entirely different critters from tripods.

Yeah, I understand that, but your reply is entirely out of place. Re-read the OP then re-read my post. The OP said his/her tripod failed at something so he/she wants a monopod to replace it.

Monopod techniques:

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