Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

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Re: Why can't Adobe and Nikon work to have LR/CC/PS process Nikon color profiles?

Isn't that why these SDK exists? Whose fault is it if the software companies don't want to use the SDKs...


But if you want to have the starting point be Nikon's conversion - shouldn't you be using a Nikon RAW converter and convert everything to TIFF before doing final edits on your pixel editor of choice?

Simon Garrett wrote:

iainlea wrote:

Subject says it all...

Why can't Adobe/C1/etc. process Nikon NEF images with the in camera specified profile ?

I am interested in a streamlined workflow so why can't Nikon give/licence the part of their View* software code that parses the in camera profile to Adobe and other raw convertor companies?

Nikon! you should be making our lives easier and not adding extra steps to get the most out of your gear.

Pig-headed stupidity?

In the bad old days, Nikon sold NX2 software, so Adobe was seen as a competitor in selling software. Now Nikon don't sell software, so they should be motivated to enable Nikon users to get the best results. I cannot see any sensible reason why Nikon do not co-operate with Adobe and other software makers to facilitate the best raw conversion.

Whether Adobe want to be bothered in reading proprietary Nikon metadata in raw files is another matter.

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