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Re: On Sigma

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... David: It was a man offering an opinion, not angry or arrogant.. full of BS and bravado... entertaining and informative.

Ok...I gave the video a go.

First thing in he says:
"I have more experience with lenses, repairing them, knowing which ones will actually live, call this infinite mortality, which ones are the best made than the top 20 youtube photographers combined."

Break this meandering sentence down and he's basically just saying that he worked in a repair shop and doesn't think the guys behind the 20 most popular photography youtube channels have. This statement is worthless.

"All of them combined dont know anywhere near as much about lenses as I do."

This is the kind of assumption an idiot makes. I don't use that word often or lightly, and I'm not saying he's an idiot - but that is a truly idiotic statement.
A sign of a good teacher is that they can break down a complicated subject in a concise and easy to understand yet accurate way to the viewer. Guess what - just because other youtubers don't wax lyrical about irrelevant chemistry facts that distract from the point of the video doesn't mean they're ignorant about them.

"That's a fact I don't care if you hate me, like me, I'm totally indifferent to it."

He thinks that everyone has strong feelings about him. Unfortunately threads like this only feed his ego. Either that or he's overcompensating for some sort of anxiety/paranoia and he really does think there's a hoarde of "haters" getting angry at their computer screens over what he says about lenses. We need to stop encouraging him...

"I've never asked anyone to like click subscribe or click the like below. I've never said that."

Outside photography channels, this is a very common practice for youtubers who rely on their videos to pay the bills so I'm guessing there's a good reason behind it for people who are serious about their channel. TAF obviously has money, most likely through interitence I guess (he certainly wasn't on a payroll to sustain that lens collection when he was fixing cameras...but it's none of my business and unless he made it through photography irrelevant anyway) so isn't relying on Youtube to take the bread home, and so he has no real motivation to produce quality material like others who do.

We're then 4 minutes into the video and it takes him this long to say that sigma lenses have a higher commission in shops. No sht Sherlock.

We're up to the 6 minute mark and its taken him this long to tell us that he thinks Sigma lenses are unreliable. He takes a whole additional minute to tell us that he thinks the "ART" designation is meaningless.

I'm getting pretty bored at this point so I start skipping through and the rest of the video seems to be him repeating himself and making a big deal of telling us how he definitely certainly under no circumstances oh no no no, no way does he care what people think about him. Like wow I've heard the phrase "I think thou protest too much" but he really takes the micky.

To each their own Iain if you enjoy his videos I genuinely hope you find time to crack open a beer and spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in front of the big screen enjoying them every once in a while. There's plenty content there I'll give you that.
But there are so many excellent youtube photography channels with high quality content - and most of them would rather just show you what they mean or reference it or provide real data rather than repeat themselves ad nauseum trying to convince you that their opinion is more valuable than other peoples. Just not for me.

Regardless - I do think that the attention he gets on this forum is inappropriate and believe that less threads about his videos would be a productive step to making this a better forum.

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