Nikon's anwer to the EOS M5 ???????

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Re: Nikon's anwer to the EOS M5 ???????

kwtse wrote:

madecov wrote:

Any speculation ?

The M5 looks like a decent offering. I'll wait for Nikon's answer and decide. In the meantime my N1 system is still working great.


Nikon made a decision of developing mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with 1" size sensors.

Canon decided to go down another path: with APS-C size sensors.

Big, big, big mistake for Nikon.

The J5 is doing very well. The V series would've done better if they were priced lower. How's the M series doing? Back when I was searching for a small MILC I skipped the M3 because its performance was no match for the J5.

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