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Iain G Foulds wrote:

... As he mentioned in yesterday's video, the pitiful ones are those who have decided that they dislike him and his videos, then fill forums with their hatred and condemnation of him. Like Tbasher- obviously a zombie stalker with no life of his own.

No, the pitiful ones are the ones who keep pushing his drivel on these forums.

Back when he first showed up around here promoting his site via some troll account or other on the FX forum, I watched about 7 or 8 of his videos. His needless profanity, endless repetition, ceaseless self-contradiction and proclivity toward taking extreme positions for the sake of taking extreme positions verified to me that he was just another loudmouth with nothing to say, trying desperately to to gain an audience through shock value, misonformation, and manufactured "controversy."

But people like yourself, for some reason, seem to find the need to keep pushing his dreck here.

Look, we all know who he is, we all know how to find him and his videos. And most of us choose to stay far away.

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