Rollei 35 RF vs. Voigtlander Bessa R2a / R2m

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Re: Rollei 35 RF vs. Voigtlander Bessa R2a / R2m

if you have the money I would suggest you check out a used M 4-2 or M2 leica. you wont get a meter but you will get a much better finder, if you find and M six leica you will have a meter but the finder in the M2 is better.  before buying one make sure the rangefider secondary image is bright and clear.  Shooting without a meter is really not at all difficult if your shooting black and white and the much better quality fit finish and design are the paradigm for the ultimate rang finder camera in the M series.  And you can use the cosina lens on the Leica/

there is really not enough difference between the thirty five and the forty to matter but if you insist on a 40 mm i would get the m adapter for the fifty mm frame line and use that. The earlier Ms such as the M2 have the fifty mm frame line showing more image then the newer ones as in the M6. Which leads us to what will save your ass. All range finder cameras with frame lines are in the position of having the frame line accurate at only one focusing distance because the lens barrel moves closer to or further away from the film plan thus changing sightly the angle and hens the coverage/

for practical purposes the your image on the film for the vast majority of shots the fifty mm lens frame will be close enough to forty to not matter. with  a bit of trial and error you will get it there. But frankly I would advise the thirty five mm lens as they are far more available and fit the frame line and you can always crop a tad off to get to your ideal but when your need that extra little bit more its not there and there is nothing what ever you can do/

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