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Iain G Foulds wrote:

... What is wrong with you people. He is just a guy with a video camera. His opinion is not worth any more than your's or mine. Sheesh..

Well, you just happen to open the lid of a can of worms, and obviously you have only watched little of his stuff.

The problem is one of his opinionated style, what he likes is, cream and honey, and what he doesn't is crap junk and more, there's no in between. A few years ago it was for the most part confined to reasonable views on Nikon lenses, unfortunately he spends more time trashing Sigma, Zeiss Otus and any other lens that has more that half a dozen elements in them, it's become more obvious that non of his views are based on fact, just pig headed bias.

In short it has become a crusade against modern complex lenses, he has a few followers here with his talk of micro contrast and color depth and phase and light capacitance, but for the most part he is flying in the face of modern design and progress.  To me his opinions on the Otus range just about sum it all up, to him  they are crap, junk and the like.

He had many followers in the early days but now his hits are dwindling fast, try watching his stuff regularly, if you can stay the pace with his bigoted views and painful repetition and general coarseness you will surprise me.

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