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Thanks for the cliff notes. Seems to accurately mirror

a certain demographics of gearheads with neurosis.

I switched channels immediately after a few seconds of seeing and hearing him talk so I wouldn't be able to put down a single bullet point that you have jotted down.

I swear I have dealt with his ilk buying/selling lenses on Craigslist before.  This one time I was selling lenses to some guy who just bought the Pentax K-1.  He bought some really cheap APS-C lens from me (i.e. 35mm f2.4 designed for APS-C) to use on his K-1.  He then claimed it was a plastic piece of junk.  I told him that if he wanted a more dedicated FF lens he should pick up my 100mm f2.8 WR Macro instead and said he didn't want to risk buying another plastic wobbly POS.  I told him it was one of the most well-reviewed Pentax lenses and he can confirm reviews on PentaxForums, and he basically said that entire website is a sham (i.e he obviously hold his opinions in higher regard than anyone else).

Anyhow this archetypal photographer is exactly the gearhead photo creep that people can't stand taking photos in public.  They aren't charismatic, often rude, often narcissistic, etc.  In reality even if a lot of folks here make fun of him, I can so easily see shades of that personality floating all about he forum.

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