How often do you use your 70-200 (vr1 or 2, or f4)

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How often do you use your 70-200 (vr1 or 2, or f4)

So the impetus for this question should be fairly obvious ... Im considering a 70-200-ish range lens and want to get an idea for what kind of usage those who have one get out of it.  I understand MMV case by case, but a general notion would be helpful.

A bit about my shooting style, in the event recommendations follow which are welcome, I mainly shoot landscapes and lifestyle sorts of situations.  Some portraits.  Lenses in my signature are accurate/up to date so the longest and fastest lens I have is 135/2 and I am constantly wanting more reach and autofocus would be a great asset in that range.  Ill shoot events (festivals, gatherings, whatnot) and the reach there would be advantageous, and frankly so would 2.8.  I dont expect Id use this particular lens for landscapes, but Im not ruling it out.

Anyway, so in a general use case, do you guys leave the lens home or do you take it with you?  Do you find yourselves substituting other lenses for this range?  Thoughts and comments welcome.

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Dont have one, dont want one
4.7% 3  votes
Sold it I used it so infrequently
1.6% 1  vote
Meh, from time to time
21.9% 14  votes
Fair amount
28.1% 18  votes
One of my most used lenses
42.2% 27  votes
Literally the only lens I put in front of my camera
1.6% 1  vote
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