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L Copps wrote:

Photography is not calculus. Its as much art and subject to every level of critique as any piece of art. If you believe all comment and opinion about photography must be proven by fact, then you have missed the entire essence of photography.

There are many applications for photography which are not creative. Documentation, labwork, surveying, preservation etc etc.
Regardless, in the context you're using here we are not talking about "photography" we are talking about the tools we use to practice photography.

If a painter picks up a brush labeled as 2" and doesn't get the results he was looking for, then takes a ruler and determines that it is actually only a 1.5" brush, is he criticised for measurebating? Has he missed the entire essence of painting? No. We use measurements to get predictable results from our tools so a random element doesn't impede our creativity, which is paramount in any creative outlet.

All TAF offers is opinion*, but (arguably) misrepresents this as fact.

Once again, opinions about interpretation and emotion are just as relevant as technical aspects. In all fairness to TAP, he does make his case and present evidence, so its not all opinion.

As long as it's made clear what is his fact and what is his own opinion I have no problem. Personally I don't feel that overall this is represented well in his videos. I respect that you may hold an alternative opinion.

If someone makes the effort to give you free education, you should at least respect their efforts. Everything you hear demands scrutiny, but the education is a free gift to you. Apply your own scrutiny and judge the material on its merits rather than what you think about the person who presents it.

I don't believe his motives are to educate, but to re-enforce his own interpretation of the world by trying to convince others of it. On balance, I don't believe his contribution to the photography world is a positive one. Which is a shame because there are some good nuggets of information in his videos if you look hard enough.

To each their own, but I value the input of someone who is transparent about their sources so I may draw my own conclusions far more than someone who expects me to accept theirs as gospel.

Many on this forum demand complete agreement and disparage those that don't.

I think that a lot of people *challenge* statements that are made where there isn't sufficient evidence to back up the statement.

This is a very fundamental concept behind the analytical process required in certain fields (eg careers involving lab work, diagnostics, engineering) to determine what is 'good' information and what is 'bad' information. It's counter-intuitive to how a lot of us are brought up - learning from our parents that humans communicate through gossip, rumors and passing on knowledge as they understand it from their experiences. But thankfully the internet means I no longer need to rely on my grandfathers interpretation of how a camera works to take photos - facts can easily be checked. Why wouldn't we want to challenge the quality of the information we're given these days?

Threads like this is a great way to divide people that supposedly came together to share a similar "passion"

TAF is as guilty as anyone for turning debate into argument on this forum with his many accounts.

There is plenty of guilt to go around. Someone called me a moron because I had a different opinion about a lens. Imagine that.

Doesn't TAF do that regularly in his videos?

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