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Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Watched a few Tap videos this week. Seems a decent enough fellow- a little lonely- but he does have some worthwhile perspectives on things, offers some good advice, and genuinely tries to share sensible and affordable options. Like, his advice on cleaning equipment was excellent and very conscientious.

... He seems more The Amusing Photographer, than "angry", but they are his videos. And, in the end, even if he is taking a contrary position on a product simply for the sake of attention and fame, he is ultimately serving to bring atttention to, and interest in, the product.


You people sound like girls gossiping about "Brangelina."
This person isn't even worth being mentioned by FX users.

Good lord... and I thought I was tired of hearing about Thom & Rockwell.

Please leave him in the DX forum.
(Or possibly a garbage can.)


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