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I don't know of his multiple accounts, and he said he has had 3. I don't see a legit purpose for having more than 1,.... well, maybe 2 under certain circumstances. I never saw a user as him, knowingly anyways.

In the end, I think people take him too seriously. He's a character. He has a narrow minded view based on his opinion + ego. Not much arguing that. However, I don't doubt his experience with gear. I'm not a good photographer and still have opinions on gear. You don't need to be Joe McNally to have an opinion on what you like. I think the guy spends all day playing with lenses, that's like my dream job right there. I also think the guy has some smarts about how lenses working, despite his presentation.

He is one of many places I go for "entertainment" on youtube.  He is actually pretty funny if you don't take him too seriously.

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