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Yake wrote:

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Watched a few Tap videos this week. Seems a decent enough fellow- a little lonely- but he does have some worthwhile perspectives on things, offers some good advice, and genuinely tries to share sensible and affordable options. Like, his advice on cleaning equipment was excellent and very conscientious.

... He seems more The Amusing Photographer, than "angry", but they are his videos. And, in the end, even if he is taking a contrary position on a product simply for the sake of attention and fame, he is ultimately serving to bring atttention to, and interest in, the product.

He is not amusing to me. Rather -

- he trashes gear he has never used;

- he trashes gear based on photos he's seen on Flickr, having no idea how they were processed;

- he trashes gear he has used, but without offering any comparative evidence to gear that he recommends;

- he trashes people who disagree with him with names like "cockroaches", etc., and is often really mean to people online;

- he pretends to be some know-it-all about photography mainly based on his collection of lenses and flashes, not any work that he can show;

- he claims to be smarter than anyone on the topics he discusses, even the engineers who actually design lenses, again because he has some ridiculous collection of gear and has apparently done some camera/lens repairs.

- he blocks or bans people who post critical comments under his videos, giving the false impression that his comments are nearly all positive;

- he impersonates TAP "supporters" with various user accounts, but then stupidly reveals his true identity with his unique signature phrases;

- when he posts photos as examples of some lens characteristics, he sees what he wants to see;

- he uses silly click-bait video titles;

- he has a narrow-minded view of wedding photography, including how it's done and what gear should be used;

- he purports to give "Pro Tips" but doesn't seem to be a pro photographer, seems more like a prosumer who occasionally makes money at photography;

- he has an intense anti-Sigma agenda so he he takes numerous opportunities to bash Sigma, sometimes repeating the same anti-Sigma trash talk over and over again in various comments, such as on PetaPixel. He'll just keep repeating it, in case you missed it the 1st, or 2nd, or 3rd time;

- he promotes some gear as having very high build quality when it actually doesn't;

- he goes on and on about high element count vs. low element count without any actual proof (and, no, Yannick's articles don't provide the proof that either of them think they do);

- his main actual credential seems to be that he worked behind the counter at a camera store (or a few), as if that counts for much;

I could go on, but have wasted enough time on this character.

Nice summary

You forgot he owned (well touched) every Nikon camera and knows more about light than all youtubers combined

... And still to show a picture above what a three year old  could take

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